Your vehicles and property may be covered. But what about you? 

Most of us find that we have our possessions insured. Our cars, property and even our phones are covered by insurance policies – but we often don’t stop to think what insurance we have on ourselves?

If you think about it, nearly all of our day to day costs such as our mortgage, heating costs, travel  and food expenses etc. all depend on us generating an income to pay for these costs. If our car is stolen, it is straight forward to put through a claim and get back to the same position you were previously, but what happens if you lose your ability to make an income due to an accident, illness or disability or die whilst your partner or family are depending on your income?

It is easier than you think to insure yourself and the tax man will pay for most of the cover.

If you lose your income due to an accident, illness or disability the drop in your income will be significant. Even if you are entitled to a disability allowance, the average pay out is less than €11,000 per year. Not enough for most to survive on.

To cover yourself against this loss, an income protection policy offers excellent cover. The policy protects up to 75% of your income against any accident, illness or disability. It also has extra covers such as hospital cash built in.

The policy is also tax deductible and can be paid by your company on your behalf if you are a director, so it really is a must have if you are self employed.

What about life cover, is there a tax deductible version of that?

Yes. If you require additional life cover to protect you and your dependents and are self employed, we can help organise a life policy that will pay out a lump sum on your death, but the cost of it can be written off against your tax bill.

It is relatively easy to set up these policies and is inexpensive. If you are self employed it is not worth taking the risk of losing everything you have worked so hard for if you cannot work.

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