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Cyber Insurance – One of the most important covers to have.

Cyber Insurance As a small business owner, you wear many hats, from managing finances to overseeing day-to-day operations. However, one area that should never be overlooked is cyber security. Cyber attacks are on the [...]

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Motor trade insurance – here’s how it pays to talk to the experts.

Motor Trade Insurance - more complicated than it looks. For those that are working in the motor trade, it may seem straight forward to arrange your insurance cover. But Motor Trade insurance policies can [...]

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We have our car and property insured. But what about our most important asset, our income?

Your vehicles and property may be covered. But what about you?  Most of us find that we have our possessions insured. Our cars, property and even our phones are covered by insurance policies - [...]

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If you have a commercial building, it is important to review the rebuilding cost now.

Rebuilding costs have increased dramatically in recent years - it is vital that you have the correct cover on your building. Due to a variety of reasons, the cost of rebuilding has increased dramatically [...]

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The importance of registering your vehicle to the right person.

The importance of having your motor trade vehicles registered to the right person or company.  Motor trade insurance policies have fantastic flexibility when it comes to the use of vehicles. Having the ability to [...]

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Running your business from home? Your home insurance is probably invalid.

Operating a business from home? You need to check your home insurance.  It is quite common for businesses to start and often continue to operate from home. As remote working has accelerated since Covid, [...]

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Employers liability cover – Do I really need it as I know the employees well?

Employers liability cover - Do I need it? If you run any type of business, especially a business that is any way manual in nature, and have any type of employee's involved in your [...]

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Business interruption for your business – what it is and why you need it.

Business interruption cover - what is it and why you need it? If you think of the cover you may have for your business like liability or fire cover, it is relatively easy to [...]

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How to calculate the rebuilding cost of your home.

How to calculate the rebuilding cost of your home. It is really important to have the correct rebuilding cost on your home or property when you are looking to insure it. Having a property [...]

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Before you contact us for a quotation, are we the right fit for each other?

Some people aren't sure or at least are suspicious of what an insurance broker does, so here it is that we do in a nutshell: An insurance broker acts on behalf of their clients to [...]

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