Professional Indemnity

What is professional indemnity and why do you need it?

Professional Indemnity provides cover if you become liable to a client following an error or omission in the advice you have provided and as a result your client has suffered a financial loss. Consider professional indemnity as covering you and your company against a non physical mistake or mishap (whilst liability cover, covers against a physical mishap).

Here are some examples of how a professional indemnity claim could come about:

  • An IT company is contracted to back up a companies database, but when their server fails, the IT company cannot find the back ups, resulting in a financial loss for their client.
  • A photographer looses a recently married couples pictures, causing the couple emotional distress.
  • An engineer, incorrectly designs a building resulting in part of a building to be rebuilt.

How can we help you with your professional indemnity needs?

The Limit of indemnity can vary usually depending on your occupation and requirements.

  • We will offer you great advice and then source cover across the available market
  • Professional indemnity cover can be combined with other covers (such as liability and office cover for example) streamlining your policies and saving you money.
  • Flexible indemnity levels, payment options (0% APR for a lot of occupations) and short term policies available.
  • Competitive premiums starting from just €149.
  • If you need to make a claim, we will guide  you through the process.

Check out our sample quotation and then contact, 0818 9196999 or complete the request a quotation section and we will call you back..

Policy typeLevel Of CoverPolicy ExcessPremium
IT Professional130,0000€199.00
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