National Fleet Database Information

Due to legislation changes (RTA act 2010), all insured vehicles in the Rep. of Ireland (including those controlled by a fleet manager or a motor trade policy) need to be included on the new National Fleet Database (NFD), which allows the Gardai to check if a vehicle is insured by simply pointing a registration reader at your vehicle (the device will read the registration and tell the Garda if the vehicle is insured or not). This has been set up to try and reduce the amount of uninsured drivers on the road.

How does this effect me? If your vehicles are not noted on the NFD system, a Garda may believe your vehicle is unisured (even though your vehicle may well be insured) and may ask you to produce your insurance or possibly impound your vehicle.

How do I register my vehicles on the NFD? You will need to log on to the NFD website and register as a user. Once registered as a user, you will need to log on to the site using your unique UID and password. These will be provided to you by your insurer or insurance broker.

Will I have to change my vehicles as I buy & sell them? Yes. You will need to update your vehicle list on the database as your buy and dispose of your vehicle.

I am currently not a client of Power Insurances, can you help me with a quotation and give me information on the NFD? We are specialists in motor fleet and motor trade insurance. As well as competitive quotations and excellent service, as a client of ours we can explain to you how the NFD system works and help you where possible.

I am a client of Power Insurances, how can I make sure that my & my customer vehicles are not impounded? You have two options:

Option 1> You can log on to the NFD site yourself ( and load your vehicle details on to the site. We have already issued you with a username(UID) and PIN number. You can also find a user manual and leaflet at the bottom of this page, which will help to to explain the process. Once you have loaded your initial vehicles on the site, it is important that you delete any vehicles you sell and upload any vehicles that you buy, as again, if you take the vehicle on the road & it is not registered on the NFD, it could be impounded. If you have any queries with this, please contact us.
Option 2> We can upload and maintain your vehicles for you. Simply email/fax or post in your current vehicle list and return it to us. We will upload your vehicles and give you a dedicated email address, text number and dedicated automated phone number to leave details of your deleted/new vehicles. Due to the increased workload that this will cause, we charge a fee for this service. Contact us for more details.


NFD Leaflet
NFD User Manual