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Let us help you find the health insurance plan that suits you.

Health insurance costs have increased substantially in recent years, but did you know that their are excellent value corporate business plans available to the general public? Health insurers offer discounted rates to corporate customers to obtain business. They don’t advertise these plans to the general public, but by law, must make these plans available to private customers if asked. Our comparison table shows the savings that can be made by purchasing one of these plans. Contact us on 0818 919699 or email for more information.

(Rates as advertised for January 2017. Laya rates include 3% charge for direct debit). Rates obtained via Policy cover varies between product provider.

Health Plan 01Laya essential plusVHI Plan B options (Health + Extra)
Child 1€363.90€714.46€485.09
Child 2€363.90€714.46€485.09
Child 3€363.90€534.96€485.09
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