As a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA), I can help you choose the most appropriate life cover for you on the available market. If you have your life policy with your lender, haven’t checked your premium in a number of years or need a new life, serious illness or income protection quote, now is the time to review your cover. Contact us on 0818 919699, click on the live chat button or email for more information. If you would like to get an indication of premium, drop us a mail & for a limited time take 20% off the cheapest mortgage protection and life cover (subject to minimum premiums. T&C’s and acceptance criteria apply).

Some information on life cover options:

Mortgage protection – This is the cheapest form of life cover on the market, but is also the most inflexible. It is designed to pay off your mortgage should you die, and its inception is often a mortgage condition. Those that have taken this cover with their bank or building society can often obtain a cheaper quotation with our help.

Life Insurance – Cover on a term policy will not reduce over the selected term. The convertible option gives flexibility to continue cover on the policy without providing any further medical evidence. Ideal for protecting a family against the loss of the principal earner(s) in the family.

Serious illness cover – Pays out an agreed amount in the event of contracting a specified serious illness. This can be taken out on a standalone basis or attached to mortgage protection or term life insurance.

Income protection insurance – For most people, their income is their most important asset. Income protection covers your loss of income following an accident, illness or disability. This cover is particularly  valuable to the self employed who are not entitled to disability benefit, but anyone with an income should look at this cover. Premiums can be offset against income tax. Income protection can be more difficult to obtain (as the cover is quite broad), but provides excellent cover. There are a number of insurers offering this cover, contact us and we will help you find the best fit for you.

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