Financial Services

Financial Services

We are here to help you make a financial plan that will help you identify your financial objectives and we will ensure that it suits you, your family and your business. We will guide you through this process with honest impartial advice, and most importantly we will help you stick with your plan with ongoing reviews. Remember you will not address every issue at once but once you have a plan and are prepared to stick with it you will be well on your way to a more secure financial footing.

Planning and Protection

You need to ask yourself, Am I or my family covered for any eventuality? What happens if I die? What happens if I get a serious illness? How much cover should I have? What am I entitled to either through work or state benefits? Is it enough? These are the question most people ask. We will help you find a solution to these questions and put a plan in place that suits you and your lifestyle as no individual scenarios are the same.

Retirement Planning

How much do I need when I retire? Am I entitled to the state pension and if so what are my entitlements? We will help you traverse the pension minefield and build a plan that suits you and provides a pension that will suit you in retirement. Remember a pension is not the sole element of retirement planning but forms the core of your plan. We will help you make a plan to get you there and more importantly help you stick with that plan. If you are business owner we will provide advice on inheritance issues and passing on or selling the family business and how this can and will impact your retirement planning in relation to tax liabilities (and how to avoid them)

Income Protection

Your most valuable asset is your income. What happens if you lose this through ill health or incapacity, the mortgage, medical insurances, school fees, insurances, car expenses, groceries, medical expenses etc all still need to be paid. What are your state benefits, if any? What cover do you have at work? How much do I need? We will help you make this part of your overall plan to cover you in case of any eventuality.

Savings & Investments

What are your medium to long term goals? What is your attitude to risk? What are you saving for? Children’s education, holidays, car etc? How much do I need to put away to reach my target and how much do my investments have to make to get me there? We will help you with this part of your plan by devising a fund split that will match your appetite for risk but also as important your attitude to risk.

Inheritance and Estate Planning

We will provide you with advice on inheritance and estate planning, we will show you what reliefs are available such as retirement relief, business relief and agricultural relief, and more importantly what you can and cannot do around these areas in relation to CAT & CGT

Business Protection

What happens to a business if one of the directors dies? What happens to his/her share of the business? What are the inheritance issues surrounding this? We will provide you with sound advice on how to protect the business in the eventuality of the death or serious illness of either a director or a key employee. This is an important area that is often overlooked but should be a vital component of any overall business strategy.


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