Motor Trade Insurance – more complicated than it looks.

For those that are working in the motor trade, it may seem straight forward to arrange your insurance cover. But Motor Trade insurance policies can be complicated, with different insurers offering different covers and a range of options that may or not be needed.

It pays to talk to the experts.

General insurance companies don’t deal with the public when it comes to Motor Trade policies so it comes down to dealing with a broker and if you are contacting a broker about  your policy, make sure it is a broker with a dedicated motor trade team, that deals with all of the motor trade insurers on the market and has the knowledge to direct you in the right way. Making sure you have the correct advice every time.

Does it really make a difference what broker I use? I just need the cheapest policy.

We are constantly striving to provide the best value to our clients, but often the cheapest policy does not mean it is the correct one for you.

We saw this in real terms recently when two of our clients were tenants of a commercial building that had a fire, the building with all of the tenants contents was a full loss. Out of the four tenants that rented the building, two tenants had only road risk cover and so had no cover for their machinery and their clients vehicles. Our clients had full cover, including stock, equipment and business interruption cover and were up and running in a matter of weeks.

It is not worth taking a risk on your lively hood. Make sure to have the correct cover.

If you are new to the motor trade insurance area or are worried you are not properly covered under your Motor trade policy, contact our Motor trade insurance department on (061)226722 or Email